Page, Arizona

Nature desert experience
Nature desert experience

Arizona is a state in the southwestern United States known mostly as a desert and is one of the warmest states in the United States.
Arizona is full of extraordinary nature, particularly impressive national parks, spectacular natural phenomena, and breathtaking views.
We decided to take a road trip to Arizona toexperience
all the amazing nature that this state has to offer.

We have been to Arizona for three days.

Las Vegas – Grand canyon national park – Antelope canyon – Zion national park – Horseshoe bend – Lake Powell – Mexico

Trip Itinerary

We started our journey in Las Vegas and after spending 8 days in the city we took a flight to Page, Arizona.

We landed in a small airport, rented a car, and drove to the apartment we booked on Airbnb.

After a short rest, we drove about 109 mi (an hour and 40 minutes drive) to the Grand Canyon National Park.
We purchased tickets to the park and drove to the first lookout point, the Grand viewpoint. We spent about half an hour at the viewpoint and were amazed by the spectacular view. From there we continued to two other lookout points Lipan Point and Yaki viewpoint.

After a long day in the national park, we drove back to our apartment in the town of Page.
The next day, we got up early in the morning for a pre-booked tour of Antelope Canyon. To travel in the Antelope Canyon you have to have a tour guide, the tour was unique and interesting.

After the tour, we continued to the next destination, Zion National Park, which includes amazing views and impressive lookout points.

We spent hours traveling in the national park and when we were done we drove back to the apartment.
On the last day, we drove about a 15-minute drive from the center of Page to the lookout point, Horseshoe Bend. We hiked on a short route to get to the spectacular lookout.

After spending some time there, we drove to the last destination of our trip, Lake Powell, a large and beautiful lake. We finished the trip at the Airport of Page and took a flight to Cancun, Mexico



We booked an apartment via AIRBNB in the town of Page. From this town, it is convenient to get around and drive to various well-known routes and lookout points in the area.

The apartment was comfortable and cozy. Spacious 2-room apartment with a clean and fully equipped kitchen, a large bed, and a seating area. The apartment is located in the center of town near restaurants and a shopping center. The service of the landlady, Lori, was generous and pleasant.

Grand Canyon

A national park located on the central part of the Grand Canyon and is considered the largest canyon of the Colorado River. It is one of the world-famous nature sites and is considered as part of the world’s wonders. The park has a lot to offer- hiking trails for day trips, lookout points with convenient access to vehicles,  and even helicopter flights over the park. We chose a route that included 3 lookout points of the canyon.

Yaki Viewpoint
The only viewpoint that is not accessible for cars, you need to park the car and take a shuttle bus. This viewpoint is peaceful and lovely, and it is recommended to arrive there during sunrise or sunset.

Grand Viewpoint
One of the highest observation points in the park, elevation 2256 meters above sea level.

From this point, there is a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from east to west.

Lipan Point
From this viewpoint, you can observe some interesting places such as Hance Rapid and The Grand Canyon Supergroup.

Horseshoe Bend

The horseshoe bend is a part of the Colorado River that looks like a horseshoe and is located about a 15-minute drive from downtown Page.

At the entrance to the site, there is a big parking lot for vehicles. After parking the car you should reach the viewpoint that observes the horseshoe, it takes about a 10-minute walk.

The blue-green waters of the Colorado River combined with the reddish rocks create a spectacular view.

Antelope Canyon

A slot canyon on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona.
This siteThis site is perfect for photographers, an impressive and photogenic place that is known mostly for its unique rock formations. To tour around the canyon you must enter with an organized group and a tour guide, it is recommended to book tickets in advance through the website of the place.

Lake powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River located on the border between Utah and Arizona. It is the second-largest artificial water hope in the United States. The site serves as an extensive resort of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The view of the place is terrific and the tour experience is remarkable.

Zion National Park

A national park covering an area of 229-square-mile located in southwest Utah and approximately 104 miles  (two hours drive) from Page, Arizona.

In the park, you will also find the Zion Canyon, a beautiful canyon that is known for its reddish walls. There are many optional hiking routes in the park, some of them are short and others are long. 

The long routes take a few days to finish so you should consider it in case you want to go for a long trek.

Additional Recommendations

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