London, United Kingdom

The most iconic city in Europe
The most iconic city in Europe

London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, is a large and modern city on the banks of the River Thames.

London combines scenery, culture, good food, shopping, and a European atmosphere.

London is a city that has a lot to offer – markets, special streets, nightlife, shows, various attractions and of course the icons of the city : the London Eye, Big Ben,
and Oxford Street.

I’ve been to London for six days, it became one of my favorite cities in Europe and I’m more than sure that I’ll be back in London in the future.



The Mandeville Hotel
4-star hotel, a boutique hotel that is beautifully designed. The rooms in the hotel are spacious, well-equipped, and have a large double bed, a comfortable toilet and shower, a TV, and a balcony with a view of the city.
The service at the hotel is excellent and the staff is pleasant and welcoming.

The hotel is located on Oxford Street and is surrounded by a variety of cafés and restaurants, theaters, and various shops.
Near the hotel, you can find stations of the tube (the underground), metro and buses.
My recommendation is to stay in a central location. It is important to stay in a place with public transportation for convenient mobility in the city.

Attractions and tours

London has many iconic attractions and beautiful places to see like parks, special neighborhoods,
and unique tours.

London Eye
The Ferris wheel of London with a view overlooking the whole city. A ride on the Ferris wheel takes about half an hour, the experience is unique and worth experiencing when visiting London. My recommendation is to purchase tickets in advance.

The Big Ben
London’s famous clock, a large and magnificent clock structure located in the city center and a must-visit when visiting London.

London Tower Bridge
The London Bridge built over the famous Thames River is one of the city’s most iconic symbols. A lovely place to visit and a perfect location for a successful photo. My recommendation is to have a brunch in one of the coffee shops in the area that overlook the bridge.

Buckingham Palace
The British Royal Palace in London, palace itself is magnificent and beautiful.
One of the most iconic free events in London is the formal ceremony “Changing the Guard” at Buckingham Palace when the New Guard takes over from the Old Guard.

Hyde Park, St. James’ Park
Those large and beautiful parks are located in the center of the city. They have lakes, vegetation, trees, and squirrels.

The Shard
A skyscraper with 95 floors that overlooks London.

St Paul’s Cathedral

A cathedral is located in central London and is considered by many as one of the most important religious buildings in London.

The structure of the cathedral is beautiful and impressive from the outside and inside.
You can take part in various tours inside the cathedral. 

Trafalgar Square
Central and beautiful square with fountains and sculptures.

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
A double-decker bus serving fine pastries and cakes from Brigit’s Bakery.
The tour is a combination of two British cultural elements – the famous double-decker bus and the British afternoon tea. It is recommended to book a place in advance.

Neighborhoods and streets

London is known for its beautiful European streets that have shops, restaurants, and cool street performances.
In some of the streets, there is graffiti on the walls.
You should tour them around to experience London better.

Oxford Street
A broad street in London.
In this famous street, you can find many brand shops, restaurants, bars, food stalls and more.

Shoreditch Street Art Tour
The tour takes place in the colorful Shoreditch neighborhood in East London and is now an art center. On the tour, you can see graffiti works by world-renowned street artists and you can take a tour guide who speaks Hebrew or English. For those who like art this tour is a must, one of the attractions I enjoyed most in London.

Notting Hill
Central London neighborhood. Notting Hill is not only a residential neighborhood but also a cultural icon.

The neighborhood is big so my recommendation is to tour around the main area near the Portobello market.

The Chinese Quarter in London is decorated and designed with features from Chinese culture. In the district, there are many shops, restaurants, and bars.

A small but lively neighborhood located in central London. In SoHo, you can find many restaurants, shops, concert halls, bars, and clubs

Covent garden
London’s central theater and entertainment area.
It has a lot of concert halls and unique shops that such as Moomin shop, kites, art and many others.


London has many museums of all kinds: art, nature, culture and so on.
Most museums allow free admission and some require a token fee.

Tate Modern
A modern museum of art, the museum is large and has famous contemporary and modern works.

Some of the exhibits in the museum change and some are permanent. Admission is free for the permanent exhibitions and for the changing exhibitions the museum requires a token fee.

British Museum
British Museum is a public institution dedicated to human history, art, and culture, the most famous and the largest museum in London. The museum’s art collection includes many famous artworks.

Moreover, the museum is very large so it is difficult to see everything in one visit -my recommendation is to focus on two or three exhibitions that you are interested in at a time. The museum courtyard is impressive and very recommended not to miss when visiting the museum.

It is advisable to purchase tickets to the museum in advance, the entrance to the museum is free, but some exhibitions do require a token fee.

Harry Potter Studio
Harry Potter studio shows the process of making the movies of Harry Potter and has a big collection of props and sets from the Harry Potter movies.

During Halloween, the studio holds a “dark magic” exhibition and during the Christmas holidays,
it holds a “snow on Hogwarts Castle” exhibition. 
Tickets should be booked in advance.

Churchill War Room
The museum comprises the Cabinet War Rooms, a historic underground complex that housed a British government command center throughout the Second World War, and the Churchill Museum, a biographical museum exploring the life of British statesman Winston Churchill. Tickets should be booked in advance.

Madame Tussauds
Museum of wax displaying the waxworks of celebrities and historical figures.


When traveling in London the experience you don’t want to miss is the famous London markets. The markets are usually crowded and that creates a lively environment.

Keep in mind that not all markets are open every day or every hour so it is important to check the opening hours before.

Camden markets
Must visit markets that look like a big festival.
Camden markets are several adjoining large retail markets. Those markets open every day and have over 1,000 places to shop, eat, drink and dance.

Stables Market
A market inside Camden Markets, considered one of the best markets in the world and you can find there everything from clothing, shoes, and jewelry to books and records.

Food Market
If you find yourself hungry while hanging in the Camden market you should go to the food stalls that are located near the canal and offer almost every type of food from burgers to pasta.

If you are a pasta lover you would probably be glad to know that there is a stall where you can order pasta that is rolled inside a parmesan wheel and for those of you that prefer a good hamburger instead you can enjoy their great burgers with a variety of cheeses on top.

Covent garden
One of the most beautiful markets in London.
Within the market are small markets like Apple Market.
It has handicrafts and vintage shops, and sometimes on weekends, there are performances next to the market.

Brick Lane Market
A flea market located in the Brick Lane neighborhood and has vintage second-hand Items and records.

Around the market, there are various restaurants, bars, and shops. The Old Truman Brewery complex which offers various markets and food complexes is in the area as well.

The market is open on Sunday mornings only so when planning a trip to London it is recommended
 considering it.

Borough market
One of the largest and oldest food markets in the world. It has many shops and stalls.
The market is open every day, but there are special occasions when it is closed so it is worth checking the opening hours in advance.

Portobello market
A market located in the Notting Hill neighborhood and is a particularly touristy market.

In the market, you can find all kinds of antiquities, food, and clothing. The market is open every day except Sundays.


London has entire streets and malls full of different stores such as clothing, grooming, accessories, and footwear where you can shop. If you are a shopping lover you are about to fall in love with this city.

Oxford Street
Talking about shopping, Oxford Street has many cool stores for shopping like well-known brands and boutique stores. If you are Victoria’s Secret lover my recommendation is to visit their store on Oxford Street, which is a three-story store.

Regent Street
A street that starts from Piccadilly Circus and along with it you can find a variety of great stores.
One of the stores on this street is the Apple Store, the perfect place for anyone who loves and is interested in technology.

Covent Garden
A shopping center in central London with a variety of different stores, especially shoe stores.

Bond Street
Central shopping street, along this street you can find the most prestigious stores, including well-known fashion, jewelry, and footwear brands such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and Calvin Klein. If you are a jewelry lover you should go check the Tiffany store out.

The largest fashion mall in Europe. The mall offers a variety of stores like clothing, electronics, footwear, and jewelry.

A large and well-known mall, mainly due to the city view you can see from it. The mall has many stores including well-known fashion brands and restaurants.

West End Shows

One of the main and famous attractions in London is to go see a West End show which is a musical (similar to Broadway shows). I’ve been to two shows.

One of the most famous and beloved musicals in the city. The plot of the musical tells the story of the witch from the wizard of oz.

Everything in this musical was great from the set to the spectacular stage and the gorgeous costumes.

Mamma Mia
One of the most successful musicals in the world. The plot of the story takes place on a Greek island and tells a story about a girl who searches for her biological father on her marriage weekend.

The entire soundtrack of the musical is Abba’s songs.I enjoyed watching those performances. I loved the setup in Wicked and in Mamma Mia it was the songs that I enjoyed the most.

My recommendation is to see at least one show, it’s an integral part of the atmosphere in the city and what makes London so special.


The food in London restaurants is varied and of a very high standard. There are many cafes and restaurants in London that have a concept and a beautiful view. All the restaurants are always beautifully decorated and the food is amazing.

Breakfast cafes

Cereal Killer Cafe

A cereal meal concept restaurant, The restaurant is coolly decorated with full types of cereal boxes on the walls, old computer games, and an area where people sit on chairs that are shaped like beds.

The menu has different types of cereals, toppings (like fruits or chocolates), and different types of milk, there are also smoothies. To make a story short this restaurant is a cool one that is worth visiting, especially if you like starting your morning with cereal.

El&n Café
A stunning cafe decorated entirely with flowers.
At the entrance to the cafe, there are showcases with whole rows of delicious pastries and cakes and there are regular and healthy breakfasts like pancakes and different types of eggs. A beautiful and delicious cafe. You should make a reservation.

Duck & Waffle
The main breakfast restaurant is located in a building with a spectacular view of the city. The food in the restaurant is delicious and everything is beautifully designed.
You should make a reservation.


Sky Garden 
A skyscraper with an amazing view of the city.
Inside there is a restaurant offering breakfast and dinner.
The restaurant is worth visiting not only because of the view but also because the food is of a high standard. You should make a reservation in advance.

A restaurant with a unique and classic design with several different rooms. We were in the pink room, everything in this room was pink from the walls to the comfortable sofas. The place is also known for the bathrooms that are designed like eggs and the ceiling is colorful.  The place is very photogenic, perfect for your Instagram feed.

There are several types of menus and different meal packages – The most famous one includes an appetizer, sandwiches, and for dessert a delicious cake.

The food is extremely tasty and of course, comes in beautiful and sumptuous dishes. The experience in the place is unique, my recommendation is to go there during tea time. You should make a reservation and choose a room in advance. 

It is important to mention that the restaurant is expensive, but in my opinion, it is worth the price.

Poppies Fish & Chips
If you haven’t eaten Fish and Chips you haven’t been to London. Poppies is a chain of restaurants offering the best fish and chips in town. You will find the restaurant in three main locations in London- In SoHo, Camden and near the Old Spitalfields Market.

We ate at the Soho branch. My suggestion is to take codfish, chips and cold beer. The restaurants are decorated in a nostalgic style so it creates an authentic atmosphere.

Heddon Street Kitchen
If you like luxury restaurants I recommend going to Chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. The restaurant is designed in a classic, modern and impressive way.

The service is excellent and the food is delicious and of a very high standard. The restaurant is not cheap,
but worth the price.

Bubba Gump Shrimp 
A chain of restaurants that offers mainly seafood.
The concept of the restaurant is based on the movie Forest Gump (an amazing movie – if you haven’t watched you should). Everything is designed according to the film including pictures and a souvenir shop of the film.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is good, the service is pleasant and the food is great. My recommendation is to try the cookie dessert, it comes in a pan with
 ice-cream on top.

Five Guys
Delicious hamburger chain. Their cheeseburgers with smoked cheese are so delicious, you all should try them. The service is good and a place is a great option for lunch.

Patty & Bun
An excellent and high-quality hamburger restaurant.
The burgers are full of cheese, bacon, and toppings.
The restaurant is pretty small and pleasant to sit in.
The service is wonderful and the prices are affordable.

Laurent at Cafe Royal
Excellent restaurant with high standard food, pleasant service, and beautiful decorations. The food is delicious, especially the meat and sushi dishes. You should make
a reservation in advance.

Desserts and sweets

Dark Sugar
A large chocolate shop with a huge variety of different colors and flavors of chocolates This restaurant is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

The restaurant offers hot chocolate with different types of chocolate inside, the most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever drunk.

M&M’s World
A four-story store dedicated entirely to M&M’s.
You can buy M&M’s by weight there and also various souvenirs like dolls, bags, and pictures.

Milk Train
An ice-cream parlor whose concept is crazy toppings.
In terms of ice-cream flavors, there are only three flavors, but you can add candies, chocolates, cookies, and even cotton candy around the ice-cream.

Ben’s Cookies
A famous chain of cookies stands all over London.
The cookies are simply amazing and have a huge variety of flavors – white chocolate, blueberries, chocolate with nuts, and many others.


Pubs, bars, and clubs are an integral part of the city life in London. London has many Small and cozy pubs to offer.

My recommendation is to be spontaneous and go into bars on the main streets of London, if you see something that looks good to you just get inside that way you can find amazing bars.

Do not forget to bring your ID with you because in London they check out the ages at the entrance to the bars and nightclubs.

The Cauldron
Concept bar of magic and potions that gives you props like robes and a wand that creates a magical atmosphere.
The menu is divided into- sour and sweet, after choosing drinks they give you sets with instructions and ingredients for making the drinks.

The experience of the preparation of the drink is amazing and unique. There are also performances with fire.
The place is pretty known and crowded, so make a reservation in advance, we made a reservation a month before the trip and there were only a few tables left.

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch
Concept bar with ball pool. If you want to go back to childhood for a moment, but with a glass of beer in your hand, this is the perfect place for you.
The place is beautifully decorated and has two ball pools, the central one and the pink one. The bar has a varied alcohol and food menu, nice seating areas, and the music is great for pop lovers. Overall a cool and fun experience. You should  make a reservation in advance.

Cocktail bar that offers high quality cocktails.
The place is stunningly decorated and the bartenders are dressed in custom-made clothes.

The bar has huge windows overlooking the Thames river and it is recommended during sunset. The cocktails at the bar come in interesting, crazy, and of course photogenic combinations.

The Good Mixer
A neighborhood bar with a pretty basic but warm design that gives a sense of belonging.
The billiard table is located in the center, with a large bar and seating areas. The alcohol in the bar is of high quality and the drinks in it are pretty cheap.

Callooh Callay
This bar is considered one of the most beautiful bars in London, it has a stunning retro design and an amazing atmosphere.

The bar has two floors, a large bar, and the restrooms which are coolly decorated with cassettes on the walls.
The bar is only open during the weekends.

Public Transportation

London has excellent public transportation
There are convenient underground trains called Tube, buses, metro, and DLR trains.

My recommendation is to purchase an “Oyster Card”, It’s a plastic rechargeable card which can be used for all types of transportation except for trains and buses departing from the city. Use Google Maps for easier navigation and also can help you get around in terms of public transport in London.

More about London

About the locals
The residents of the city come from a wide variety of cultures, including the largest Jewish community in Britain. London was the largest city in the world by several inhabitants between 1831-1925.

English is the official language in the UK, but there are more than 300 other spoken languages.

Currency Type
The Pound Sterling is the currency used in London and the UK.

Almost every season is good for traveling to London and there is always something to do and see.
The summer months are from May to September. On summer days it is sunny and warm. June is considered the sunniest month of the year. The winter months are November to April. January is considered the coldest month of the year.

Additional Recommendations

Electrical outlets
The power outlet in London is a square with three holes, it is recommended bringing an adapter.

Using an ID card
In London, they are very strict about the drinking age and so they check ages at the entrance to bars and clubs, so it is recommended to carry an ID card.

Souvenirs and shopping
London is the perfect city for shopping.
 My recommendation is to do at least one concentrated day of shopping during the vacation.
In the markets, you will find perfect souvenirs as well as unique Old Fashioned items like leather jackets, special hats, and household products.

Planning the trip
London is a big city so my recommendation is to plan the places you would like to see and according to their locations.
To find more tips you can use my guide for planning the best trip on my website.

What should I pack?
So that you do not forget anything for your dream vacation, you can use the guide – how to pack for a vacation on my site.

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