The Western Galilee

Connecting to nature
Connecting to nature

The Western Galilee is a region of land with a pastoral and green landscape in the north of the land of Israel where people with different nationalities live together in coexistence.
During the year we went on several vacations in Western Galilee and spent time in various B & Bs. The atmosphere there was amazing and it is perfect for couples who look for a romantic place to chill.


Eretz Bereshit B & B
This B&B is located in Mitzpe Matat in Western Galilee, an isolated and peaceful area.
The complex has two different B&B cabins, we stayed in the “Spring” cabin.

The cabin is located in the center of a forest with a green Galilee view which creates a feeling of real connection with nature and a momentary disconnection from reality.

Already at the entrance to the cabin, you can feel the special atmosphere of the place.

The B&B has stone steps overlooking the large terrace of the cabin, a beautiful fish pond, a hammock, a sitting area, and a hot tub overlooking the magical view.

The cabin is uniquely and authentically designed and mainly combines the use of wood both inside and outside the B&B.

The place is spacious and has everything you need to enjoy a romantic vacation – in the interior of the place there is a large kitchen, a sitting area with high-quality wine and homemade bread from the owner of the B&B, bedroom, toilet, shower, and the highlight of the cabin interior is the white bath located next to a large wooden shelf.

On the outside as well as on the inside of the cabin there are wood stoves to create a cozy atmosphere.

We ordered breakfast from Tamar and Shai’s kitchen, which make homemade Galilean breakfasts for the B&B guests.
The breakfast came in a large wooden tray full of goodies – omelets, homemade bread, a large salad, dips, and cakes.

The owner of the B&B is an amazing woman, giving courteous and pleasant service. The experience in the B&B is amazing and perfect for those who are looking for a peaceful, quiet, and romantic place.

Pisgat Haya’ar B&B
The B&B is located in Kfar Vradim and has two spacious and unique cabins, we stayed in the Mexican cabin.
The owner of the B&B welcomed us with a big smile and explained to us a little bit about the place.
The B&B is uniquely designed, there is a large terrace with a pool and a large hot tub overlooking a spectacular view.

The interior of the place is designed mainly from wood which creates a rustic and homely atmosphere.
The place has a large kitchen, sitting area, bedroom with a large and luxurious bed, toilet, and shower.

Moreover, you can order additional services such as massage treatments, spa, and room service.

We enjoyed our stay at this B&B.


Michael Bistro
Michael Bistro Restaurant is located in Moshav Liman and is an amazing meat restaurant with a Galilean atmosphere.
In the restaurant, you can enjoy high-quality food, although the menu doesn’t offer many dishes, there is a feeling that thought is invested in each dish and that the dishes are of a very high standard.
For the opening course, we ordered roasted Jerusalem artichoke, garlic cream, and all kinds of cheeses.

For the main course, we ordered a dish of classic gnocchi, a portion of butchers in long cooking, mushrooms and parmesan, and a dish of calamari on the plancha, browned potatoes, whipped cream, and black pepper.

Alto Dairy
Alto Dairy is a dairy located in Kibbutz Shomrat and produces goat cheeses of a high standard.

The dairy has a large area between trees and plants.
You can order sumptuous breakfasts that include a large cheese platter, pastries, hot drinks, moreover You can buy goat cheeses and handmade dips if you would like to.

The breakfast that we ordered included two types of eggs, a cheese platter, and two coffee cups.

The meal was amazing and experiential thanks to the atmosphere of the place.

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