Mitzpe Ramon

Luxury in the desert
Luxury in the desert

Ramon Crater is the largest erosive crater in the world, which extends over a large and outstanding area and is considered as one of the most special areas in Israel – the desert landscape, the calm environment, and the fascinating geological phenomenon.

Ramon Crater has many hiking trails, various attractions, and lookout points of a spectacular landscape.


Beresheet Hotel
Beresheet is one of the most unique hotels in Israel.
The hotel offers an unforgettable hospitality experience – great service, a gourmet restaurant, a luxury spa, and a lovely suite.
The combination of breath-taking desert scenery together with the unique architecture and top-quality service makes Beresheet one of the most extraordinary hotels in Israel.

We stayed there on a half-board basis in a Beresheet room, a spacious and luxurious room on the ground floor that has a swimming pool, a balcony, double bed, sitting area, bathroom, and coffee making area with an espresso machine.

The hotel has two pools- one indoor and one outdoor and a large Jacuzzi, a dining room that overlooks the view of the pool and the crater, and it offers a variety of different activities and attractions such as a quality spa that offers a wide range of massages treatments, sports and yoga classes,  extreme activities, and a guided tour in a wise observatory.

The meals at the Rosemary restaurant, which is located in the hotel and offers a variety of food, my recommendation is that when booking the hotel book a half-board package because there are no restaurants in the hotel area and the food that is served at the hotel is of a very high standard.

We spent most of the day in our pool, in the spa, and our suite. Every morning we got up early to see the spectacular sunrise in the hotel’s outdoor pool area.

The experience in Beresheet hotel is perfect for all those of you who want to take a break and enjoy a peaceful vacation and spectacular desert views.


Rosemary restaurant
The dinner in the hotel opens with a wide buffet of starters offering salads, bread, fish, dips of all kinds.

The main courses are ordered from the menu and offer mainly meats, fish and pasta.

We ordered a sea-bass fish dish with a risotto and another dish of an entrecote steak with potatoes.

The restaurant also has a dessert menu, which includes different types of ice cream, cakes, and chocolates.

The breakfast in the hotel restaurant offers a wide variety of bread, cheeses, pancakes, juices, yogurts, and custom-made omelets.
We ordered a poached egg on brioche bread with spinach and hollandaise sauce and an omelet with mushrooms next to a hot cappuccino.


Wise Observatory
One of the most attractive attractions in the desert is the wise observatory.
As part of the hotel service, you can go on a guided tour
of the stars by prior arrangement. The tour lasted about three hours and began at 8 PM, it includes a detailed explanation of the star map, viewing the stars with professional binoculars, and some hot drinks and refreshments. Watching the stars in the Ramon Crater
was an exceptional experience.

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