The sea of Galilee

The sea of galilee that you did not know
The sea of galilee that you did not know

The sea of galilee is a freshwater lake in Israel and it’s the largest freshwater lake in the land of Israel.
In the Sea of ​​Galilee, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, spectacular vantage points, and various attractions.
We went on a two-day vacation which started at a terrific winery and from there we continued to stay at a unique boutique hotel


Dona Castle
Have you ever slept in an ancient fortress?

Dona Castle Boutique Hotel located in Tiberias in front of the view of the Sea of ​​Galilee offers a unique experience of accommodation inside a fortress that was restored while maintaining original and authentic features.
The fort was built in 1745 by Chulaybee’s the older son of Dahar El Omar, the Bedouin ruler of Galilee.

In 2007 it underwent a long process of restoration together with organizations that specialize in the preservation of ancient buildings, the Israel Antiquities Authority, and more.
The first thing you feel at the entrance to the hotel is the special atmosphere of the place.
At the entrance to the ancient structure, there is a large and stunning gate and stairs leading to the reception area.
The castle has six suites, each one designed with unique elements, in some suites the original plaster stone arches of the building still exist.

We stayed at the Dona Gracia Premium Suite, a spacious suite with original stone arches and an unusual bathroom that has been restored inside the original spire.
The room is well equipped and cozy, in the center of it there is a large and soft bed, a sitting area, and a bathroom.

In the lobby, there is a reception and a large table with large chandelier lamps above it.

The highlight of the hotel is the terrace that overlooks the amazing view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and has seating areas scattered for the convenience of guests.

The service and hospitality are of a high standard and the staff are especially kind, the hotel owner is charming and gives tips and recommendations about the attractions and restaurants in the area.

Breakfast is served at the table in the center of the lobby and it includes bread, yogurt, fruit, cheese, spreads, eggs, coffee, and fresh juices.

We spent most of the day at the hotel in the private suite, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, and in the morning we got up early to watch the sunrise.

The experience at Donna Castle is special and gives a unique feeling of accommodation in a castle.


Italian chef restaurant, the Mediterranean located in the historic Rishonim courtyard complex, in a beautiful space that is designed classically with wooden tables, white tablecloths and has a good atmosphere. In 1910 you can enjoy excellent food and a varied menu.

For an appetizer, we ordered focaccia from the oven with tomato dip and olive oil, bean dip with herbs, garlic, and eggplant cream dip.
For the main dish, we ordered artichoke risotto with shimeji mushrooms and spinach, chives,

parmesan, truffle whipped cream, truffle oil, a classic potato dish with asparagus and chestnuts, garlic butter, sage, truffle puree, white wine, parmesan peelers, truffle oil, and an octopus dish on a plancha with tahini cream, roasted onions, and cauliflower, fresh herbs, hot peppers, and olive oil.
For dessert, we ordered a chocolate-la-la dessert, a particularly sweet and delicious chocolate dessert.

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