A multicultural experience
A multicultural experience

Acre is one of the oldest port cities in the world, located in the north of Israel and bordering the Mediterranean sea.

The residents of the city are from different nationalities which gives an experience multicultural and special.
Old Acre is a bustling city with authentic markets and good food


Akotika Boutique Hotel
The hotel is located in the Old City of Acre and the various suites are scattered in the ancient alleys of the city which provides an authentic and unique local experience.
A combination of old and new in front of a view overlooking the old city walls and the blue sea.

We stayed in a premium suite with a private pool, a spacious and beautiful suite that included two spaces –
 a room with a heated pool and a sitting area and a bedroom with a large and luxurious bed, a toilet, and a shower.
 The suite an ancient structure was built in the Ottoman period and even has remained from the Crusader period.

The entire space has been preserved and redesigned.
The lobby, the reception, and a rooftop terrace with spectacular sea views where breakfast is served are in the main building of the hotel.

The hotel provides a unique experience in the lively center of the old city.


Ori Buri (Mullet)
We had dinner at a high-quality and authentic fish restaurant, the restaurant is located in the old city and has a calm atmosphere. The menu has a variety of dishes of high-quality seafood and fish.
The restaurant has the option of a tasting meal that offers first courses, main courses, The meal is tailored to your taste and the waiters ask questions and based on your answers they determine the dishes it serves during the meal.

For the first course, we got salmon sashimi and baby mush, for the middle courses we got mushroom soup and seafood soup and for the main dishes-  half a Barramundi fillet with whipped lemon butter and sage, served with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, sea-bass in rosemary butter and balsamic, served with mashed sweet potatoes and a half

mixed baby Calamari Surgeon – Shrimp burnt on the plancha with flakes and peas.

For dessert, we ordered a homemade knafeh that came with cardamom ice cream and rosewater ice cream.


The old city market
One of the inseparable experiences of visiting the city of Acre is a market tour.

The market is full of various stalls that sell souvenirs, housewares, clothing, and more, but the unique thing about the market in Acre is that it can allow you to enjoy an amazing culinary experience of a cuisine that combines traditional food with a modern Mediterranean fusion.

Culinary tour
In a guided culinary tour conducted by Nurit Poran, you can enjoy the wonderful food that Acre has to offer and an explanation of the local history and the various dishes.

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